Meteng Pty Ltd is a Brisbane based metallurgical process engineering consultancy specialising in the use of METSIM for modelling and simulation for process development and process plant design and optimisation.

Optmise Your Assets and Reduce Costs

We can help you maxixmise profit by analysing your process plant performance and identifying ways to increase capacity, increase recovery, improve product quality, reduce reagent and water consumption, and simplify operation.

Benefit from Better Decisions and Avoid Costly Mistakes

Avoid costly mistakes and benefit now from what others have already learnt and from what modelling can reliably predict. Our mentoring program for managers, engineers, and operators is free (for selected clients) and will accelerate the process and reduce the cost of making your personnel smarter and wiser.

Turbo Charge Your Money Making Machine

Significant financial improvements can often be obtained by adding performance enhancing equipment that better matches your process to the ore characteristics and market conditions. We can identify and analyse options for taking your process to the next level.

Make Better Project Selection Decisions

Projects - a new mine or plant modifications - require valuations of the relative returns of alternative uses of capital and other resources. Our material balances and the associated cash flows provide the basis for initial options screening.

About Meteng Pty Ltd

Established in 1997 Meteng has been involved in a number of large and small studies and projects (Cawse Nickel, Murrin Murrin Nickel, Ravensthorpe Nickel, Goro NIckel, Laizhou Bacterial Oxidation, Lihir POX Expansion and many others), has provided METSIM training and conducted operations analyses and conducted design reviews..

Our expertise includes gold, copper, nickel, lead, zinc, crushing, grinding, flotation, leaching, precipitation, purification, roasting, electrowinning, bacterial oxidation and many other processes.

We have been involved in projects located in Australia, Sth Africa, China, Indonesia, New Caledonia, Papua New Guinea.

Approximately $10 billion of plant has been built from our heat and mass balance models.