An Alternative to Quad pEnclose

The System Function Quad pEnclose was described in a previous article.

It uses a boolean vector with logical 1 to map the location of a specific character at the cutting cutting points in a character string, and encloses the characters between the cuts.  If the text is words, the cutting point identifier would be the space.  If the text is comma separated variables, the cutting point identifier would be the comma character.

An alternative way of cutting text into pieces is to use the expression:

cut "gets" +\ text "enlist" ','

pieces "gets" cut "enclose" text

where "cut" is a vector that increments and stays incremented for each found occurrence of the delimiter (the comma in this case), and "pieces" are the cut and enclosed (wordified? or numberized?) groups of characters after the cutting.  Note the cutting marker (the leading comma) is still attached to each piece and has to be removed before the pieces can be used (as words or numbers in calculations etc.).  

The leading cutting point marker can be removed by dropping the first character from each piece.