The Three Elements of Comminution Modelling

All comminution models include three main elements:

  • A breakage function,
  • A selection function,
  • A power estimation function.

The breakage function is sometimes called an "Appearance Function".  The Selection Function is sometimes called a "Classification Function".

I think "Breakage" and "Selection" is good enough.

All comminution models should return similar results if the breakage, selection, and power estimation functions are similar.  Many different forms of a model can be created with different combinations of breakage, selection, and power functions.

There are a number of methods for establishing breakage functions.

No model or method can be considered better unless it can be shown to provide better results (compared with the others) for the data available, within the limits of the interpretation of the data (or statistical significance).

Any combination of breakage, selection, and power estimation functions can be used in METSIM.

This logic (the interchangeability of functions) can be extended to all separations and transformations.