Flotation - The Secret of Leach By Size

We apply a "chemical reaction rate analogy" to flotation modelling, (and in some comminution models). And METSIM makes flotation rate by component (even partially locked particles) easy, with each concentrate producing a mass of component "reacted" (where the "reaction" is recovery by flotation).  

So by applying a reverse analogy, we can use flotation modelling to calculate the extent (mass conversion of first reactant ) of a leach reaction (say pyrite oxidation) using a "by component, by size" (or by particle surface area etc.) mass recovery from a parallel "visual program subroutine" using a flotation bank, in which each "cell" represents a "reactor stage" in the proper multi-stage leach model.

The maths for this could be incorporated in a new leach model (hiding it, and making us seem smarter) but I like to see what a model does, so "visual programming" of this kind is good enough for now.