Standard Proposals

$ 1,000 Mass and Water Balance

This is a no questions, no excuses basic mass and water balance based on you providing a process flow diagram, key process criteria, a met accounting report - and any other process information readily at hand. Simple confidentiality agreement, mass balance provided formatted in Excel one week from approval.  Payment direct into Meteng account in one week from supply.

$ 5,000 Calibrated Mass and Water Balance

Following a review of the inital balance additional information will be required to modify the mass balance to match the specifics of your process and plant.  The differences will highlight potential problems or opportunities for improvement.  The calibrated model may have more detail as required to achieve the known conditions.

$ 5,000 METSIM Model Audit

This is a bullet point assessment of the model provided, with reporting by exception of specific errors or limitations of the model for the intended use.